About Us

Suburban Unity Alliance was created in the summer of 2016 to showcase the diversity of suburban communities, raise discrimination awareness, and bring entire communities together based on empathy, collaboration, and equitable philanthropic endeavors. S.U.A. is about promoting the welfare of each member of a suburban community through creating fellowship that results in common interests and goals for the betterment of the community. The backbone of the S.U.A. is the Suburban Unity Pledge which asks community residents and local businesses to take a stand against all forms of discrimination.

Our Mission & Vision

Suburban Unity Alliance’s mission is to promote unity through the realization of equitable community practices that showcase diversity. Our vision is that each member of a suburban community will have equitable opportunities and experiences no matter their demographic background.

Our Methods

Power of 1

S.U.A. has created the Power of 1, a philanthropic endeavor that provides each and every community member with an opportunity to help others in their time of need. Living in suburban communities can create times of financial strain. By asking members of the community to donate just $1 per month to S.U.A’s Power of 1 account, S.U.A will be given the ability to provide some level of financial relief to at least one member of our community each month during their time of need. The Power of 1 is a simple yet effective way to assist our fellow community members when they experience financial hardships no matter how big or small.

Supporters interested in joining the Power of 1, click here.

Community members who find themselves in a time of need, please email S.U.A’s director at contact@suburbanunity.org.

If selected, your identity will remain private (unless you give us permission to share it), but we will share the way the Power of 1 helped you.

Resource Scholarships

S.U.A. recognizes that access to community resources can be limited for many families. Financial constraints or a lack of awareness, further lead to equity gaps. Student community stakeholders are particularly at risk of missing out on many of the great resources a community has to offer. As a result, S.U.A. through the support of community members and collaboration with community agencies, provides and connects qualifying students to various scholarships, allowing them access to resources previously unavailable to them.

For community stakeholders interested in supporting this initiative, please visit our donation page to donate and obtain further information.

For students interested in qualifying for a resource scholarship, please contact S.U.A’s Director at contact@suburbanunity.org

Community Engagement

S.U.A. engages in activities in the promotion of diverse community stakeholders building ongoing and permanent relationships for the purpose of a collective vision of equity in benefit of the community.

Equity Advocacy

S.U.A. is in public support for and recommendation of equitable community practices. Diverse communities are made up of multiple perspectives influenced by cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. When a perspective leads an individual, institution, or business owner to believe a community equity issue exists, S.U.A. is available to provide comprehensive support that creates a neutral platform for dialogue between parties in a structured mode of inquiry. Working with each party, S.U.A. will increase self-awareness and empathy (perspective-taking) leading to opportunities to re-assess perspectives and growth. S.U.A. will provide community stakeholders in need free access to a S.U.A advocate trained in equity and restorative justice practices.

Advocacy for:

  • Parents, students, or teachers in need of educational advocacy and consultation.
  • Individuals, businesses, or institutions who believe they are victims of discrimination in the community, interested in positive resolutions.
  • Individuals, businesses, or institutions who believe they are being accused of discrimination in the community, interested in positive resolutions.

S.U.A. also serves in the capacity of a community watchdog. Holding local agencies accountable in regards to and in the promotion of equitable practices. S.U.A. will engage in community activism to ensure the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

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